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Lisbeth Fregonese   Intuitive Energy Worker and Spiritual Guide Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre Wholistic Wellness Communities Born in Denmark in 1971, Lisbeth attended the Rudolph Steiner School of Arts (Waldorf) which encourages practical and artistic learning to enhance the imagination of the young mind. Staying true to the philosophy, “education of the inner spirit must be equally valued and nourished as is mindfulness learning,” Lisbeth flourished in this type of learning environment where she was free to explore and express her true spirit and nature from a very young age. In December of 1979, Lisbeth’s family immigrated to Canada, and in 1981, her father started a business selling therapeutic devices that helped people with pain and physical ailments as well as offering a natural healing modality incorporating an Auric Biofeedback Cleansing System. It did not take long for Lisbeth’s father to notice that she had a gift; people who sought out his products were drawn to her as she was able to help them feel better with their pain and discomforts. These experiences laid the foundation for what was to become Lisbeth’s lifelong path of helping others. Throughout the years she has continued faithfully on that path, developing her gift of sensitivity. In addition, she has met and learned a great deal from some of the most amazing teachers, healers, psychics, alternative doctors and practitioners and incorporates their teachings into her practice as an Intuitive Energy Worker and Spiritual Guide ... Lisbeth also developed a passion for the Classical Martial Arts and holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate- Do as well as a 1st Degree Black Belt in Kobudo (ancient weaponry). Lisbeth continues to practice in Chinese ancient arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong on a daily basis and thoroughly enjoys her daily meditations. She continues to this day to work with Shaman’s, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Naturopathic Doctors, Intergalactic Elders, Sound Therapists etc. in order to personally grow and evolve her passion for Health, Spirituality, and Meditation. And so the journey continues... ^ Back to Top
Edward Fregonese Medical Qigong Practitioner, Certified Qi Gong/Tai Chi Instructor Quantum Touch Practitioner Edward's clear understanding of energy systems is based on his knowledge and training in Quantum Physics gained through more than 20 years of experience in Radiation Protection and Safety while employed as a Radiation Scientist. Edward has also worked for many years as a Health Inspector in the Healthcare sector. Edward began his own healing journey more than 18 years ago when he started training in the Traditional Martial Arts. He earned a Second Degree Black Belt in Goju Ryu Karate-do and a First Degree Black Belt in Kodudo (ancient weaponry). The root of Edward’s Martial Arts training focussed on Go Shin Jutsu or “Life Protection Arts” which is a holistic approach of balancing the mind, body and spirit and forms the basis of eastern traditional Martial Arts. He is certified in the Wu Yi Jie He Family System “Twenty Four Posture of Therapeutic Qigong” and has completed Level Two of the Medical Qigong Practitioner Course offered by the International Institute of Medical Qigong. Currently, he teaches Qi Gong and Tai Chi at our Sacred Center in Burlington and at the White Flame Company in Hamilton. He continues studying and practising eastern philosophy, Zazen Meditation, the internal Martial Arts systems and is also a dedicated student of traditional yoga. ^ Back to Top
Dr. Melissa Howe, B.Sc.N., R.N. Licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Registered Nurse (Inactive) Advanced Bowen Practitioner With over 25+ years in the health care field, Dr. Howe runs her practice based on a simple principle: a deep respect and compassion for each individual’s unique experience and a desire to use her skills to help in the best possible way. A registered nurse (inactive) with extensive experience in labor and delivery, as well as several other areas, Melissa became aware of a conflict between her instincts and what allopathic medicine prescribed. The symptoms of illnesses were often all that were being treated with medications, rather than the cause. This often led to a suppression of symptoms and further complications of the existing or underlying condition as well as a dependence on medications long term. This combined with some of her own health issues, led her to The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). For more information: http://www.whitepinesclinic.ca/ ^ Back to Top
Carrie Chilcott Certified Reflexologist Reiki Master/Teacher 3rd Generation Ojibwe Medicine Woman & Seer Carrie was born into a long line of Seers and Shamans with her paternal grandmother and great grandmother being traditional Ojibwe Medicine Women and her great, great grandfather being a Shaman. She was born a seer and has been able to communicate with Spirit for as long as she can remember, recalling that her first friends were a group of 5 crows. Carrie is extremely passionate about nature and respecting ALL forms of life, from humble insects to plants and animals and brings that compassionate and loving energy into her work with her clients. Carrrie has always been doing energy work and communicating with Spirit but this really took off just over 8 years ago when she began her work with Reiki energy under Diane Hauschild out of Akasha’s Den in Oakville. When receiving her Master’s Certificate she was told by her teacher that she would be doing her work very “traditionally” and uniquely, based on her aboriginal background. Since Carrie has such a strong connection to the spirits of animals as well as with ancestors on the other side, these energies often join Carrie and clients during their sessions to relay messages. At Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre you will be able to join Carrie for 1 on 1 sessions for either Reiki or Reflexology as well as join her for bi-weekly Reiki shares, Traditional Ojibwe Drumming Circles/Ceremonies, Workshops & Meditations. ^ Back to Top
Michelle Syme-Hughes Certified Plant-based Nutritionist Whole Food Consultant/Educator Author, “Plant-Based Secret”, “Vegetable Nirvana” Our physical bodies are our vessels and the energy we ingest through our food enhances our journey in more ways than you can imagine. Connecting to food as natured intended, through the trees, plants and seeds, enables our transformation to become the person who chooses that which is so healthy and good for them because that is what we desire. To allow that connection is not denial but enables a natural flow which brings abundance to our lives.   Individual Consultations allow personal attention to enable expression and understanding of our connection to food and assist you with commencement toward your desired goal. Follow Up Sessions are available to provide support along your journey and offer resources as required (research, recipes, consultation) Recipe plans and resources are offered to establish “enjoyment” of food through our “taste buds” and our “lifestyles”. Private Cooking Classes in your own home (up to 4 guests) Are helpful to those who are new to cooking or creating from whole plant foods and offer a physical demonstration of techniques and the enjoyment of a meal together. Workshops offer a variety of subjects and are a wonderful introduction to the world of whole plant foods through light refreshments and community. ^ Back to Top
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Andrew Bray Original Channel of Energy Awaken modality Certified Coach Reiki Master/Teacher Andrew Bray is an energetic catalyst. He is a certified coach specializing in personal empowerment and growth. He designs and presents empowerment and awareness development workshops and has done so in Canada, the US and Cuba. He administers the Energy Awaken group transformation process. The Energy Awaken group transformation process is powerful and intense. Energy is often felt and experienced in a new exciting way during these group sessions. The group energetically entrains and everyone can benefit from the healer within each other. Everyone in the group steps toward their highest unfolding… together. He is the original channel of Energy Awaken, a new energetic modality. It facilitates a deeper, wider grounding to allow more energy to flow, providing greater capacity. This has the intended effect of reaching deep within to facilitate releasing old energy, beliefs. patterns, forgiveness withheld, and fears. This can be an intense process that may happen quickly or take longer, depending what one is ready for. He has been a Practicing Reiki Master for more than a decade. ^ Back to Top
Rhonda Pavlovich Hereditary & Ancient Divination Psychic Master Crystal Healer/Reader White Flame Company (Owner) , Rhonda’s spiritual path began even before birth, while still in the womb, a clairvoyant informed her mother that the child she carried would have gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. As was foretold, Rhonda developed a love of all things mystical and wellness related at a very young age. Rhonda is the Platinum award winner for favourite Psychic in the Greater Hamilton Area both in 2015, and 2016, she has appeared on CHCH TV many times for her knowledge of Crystal Energy, Aromatherapy, Herb Lore and as a spiritual instructor. Rhonda's has been working with crystals for divination for over 30 years and her Psychic services are approved by Bob Olsen's Best Psychic Directory. Rhonda has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in many modalities, including Reiki and working with Crystal Energy, she has also studied Clinical Aromatherapy, Celtic Herbalism and has a background in Sociocultural Anthropology from McMaster University. Offering one on one appointments for Psychic Readings, Past Life Readings and Crystal Energy Work, you will find many different ancient techniques are available for you to sample, including Crystal Ball Gazing, Lemurian Crystal Past Life Sessions, Cord Cutting, Wax Divination and more! With a long family history in the healing and mystical arts you will find the support, answers and peace you are seeking. ^ Back to Top
Michael Moon Internationally Acclaimed Composer & Musician Sound Therapist Master Astrologer Michael Moon is an award* winning composer and musician specializing in healing music. His pioneering music is cherished by many alternative healers and body workers and found worldwide in yoga studios and healing centers. Michael’s music is created with a wide variety of instruments including vibraphone, hammered dulcimer, gongs, bells, guitars and vocals. His concerts are an interactive and engaging experience taking the audience on a magic carpet ride of mystical sounds and songs. Michael knows intimately music’s power to heal. As a child, Michael was considered autistic and since has dealt with many chronic health issues. In his darkest moments he experienced a soothing rich inner landscape of music and the translation of this music became a passion and gateway to his own healing. Michael has since studied with Shamans, healers and musicians from around the world passionately imbibing the mystical and healing dimensions of sound. Michael specializes in composing healing soundscapes which create a ‘Temple of Sound’, a sacred space in which the bodies natural healing abilities are enhanced. Michael also creates an entrancing blend of world, folk and pop sounds with mystical lyrics filled with deep poetry resulting in a fresh new sound that inspires, moves, and uplifts the soul. Earth Alignment’ won a 1st place Visionary Award for Healing Music. The CDs Earth Healing, Deep Song and Deep Peace all won first runner up COVR awards (likened to the New Age Grammy’s) Michael’s song ‘Trying to get through to You’ was awarded as a feature song in Harmonizing for Humanities Autism awareness campaign and CD. “Wake up the World” won a Tipperary Ireland Peace Convention 2003 ‘Song of Peace’ award  ^ Back to Top
I-Ping Wong Licensed Holistic Practitioner Certified in Thai Yoga Massage I-Ping Wong, BSc, EMP, LHP, began her massage/healing journey back in her native fishing village of southern China.  As a young child, she constantly thumped on her grandparents’ backs to ease their aches and pains.  In 1992, her mind-body exploration took seed within the temples of Thailand in a long silent meditation retreat and a traditional Thai massage intensive training.  She was deeply moved and inspired after learning that this 2500 year old massage art was intricately linked to the Buddhist practice of loving-kindness and the intention to relieve all beings of suffering. Also, Thai massage also incorporates principles of Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, which often results in clients reporting a long-lasting release and balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.    Later, I-Ping furthered her advanced levels in Thai massage in Canada, learning Table Thai, Herbal Heat Compresses and Thai Reflexology. Being fascinated by other modalities, she continued her education in Holistic Health at the Transformation Arts College, Bamboo Fusion Massage, Raindrop Massage/Essential Oils, Energy Medicine, Shadow Energetics, Reiki levels 1,2 and 3 as well as Reconnective Healing and Bio- geometry.  Therefore a massage session with I-Ping takes you on a unique journey to your essence while helping you release, nurture, relax and come to balance.  ^ Back to Top